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Provider subsriber guide adding into the APS package

Steps to store documents in APS package Step1: create a folder called docs in files/htdocs/docs or inside file folder file/docs Step2:go to service settings->click on general tab->Click on Add button Step3: give title name,Href= files//htdocs/docs/install.doc, Class= user-guide. After insatlling the package provider can see all documents in their PA server– For getting this link follow… Read More »

Show and hide dropdownbox in aps package

See the Below example Create 2 dropdown box with following names ID:firstbox Name:First Box Tpe:enum Default value: Select ID:secondbox Name:Second Box Tpe:enum class:visibility:firstbox=india Default value: Select If firstbox value is india then secondbox will show means it will be visible that time

Hide and show a textbox in aps package

Below are the steps to hide and show a textbox: if you want to show a textbox field with Name. In Eclipse it will be look like as below ID:name Name:Name Type:string Class=hide:firstboxval=0 Default value=0 In the above textbox we used a class “hide:firstboxval=0” or you can use “show:firstboxval=1”–> if the value of firstboxval equal… Read More »

Billing period setting to the Resource Rate ?Is it Possible

It is possible to add separate billing period for each resources. Please see the steps below If you have 2 Resource rates as you created as applicaton resource unit. Create Service plan and add subscription periods for example please add 1 month period,1 year period Add the resourcerates inside the Resource Rates tab. After that… Read More »

can i set separate biiling period for the resorcerates added in the serviceplan?

Usualy billing period is setting for the Serviceplan.we cant able to add a separate billing period for the Resource rates(Resource units) that will appear as incremental box in storefront. Note: if you want to add the billing period for Resource rates you can use separate plan and add the Particular resource rates to the service… Read More »

In Store front incremental box is not coming why?it is not showing additional unit why?

If you are adding Resource rate into a service plan. Please set the max amount unit value. means set it as maximum(-1) or some value if you are not setting any value it will not show additional increment box in the storefront. So please click on the service plan-go to Resource Rates tab and make… Read More »