Application configuration script reported errors: ‘env: php: No such file or directory ‘ why showing this error in APS package?

By | February 26, 2014

This error is usualy show while clicking on the create button in the Customer control panel

(CCP). This is because of PHP/Apche attribute is missing in the Resource type/Provisioning

attributes tab.

If PHP Attributes is not available in the provisioning attributes tab, Use the following

steps to make it available.

Please follow the below Steps

1. Install PHP to the PA server using command line prompt. for this use the command

yum install php

2. After installing php, login into the PA server

Then Products -> Resources -> Attributes -> Add New Attribute
Give Attribute name PHP and Attribute description PHP
Then Submit
3. go to Infrastructure -> Hardware Nodes
Click on Appache related node -> General TAB -> Attributes -> Assign
Select PHP

Note: In step3 if you add php to mysql/or some other nodes it will not must add it

to apache/php related node.

After finishing the above steps “PHP” attributes will be available Provisioning attributes

of your application resource type.