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unique index on a table

unique index means that two rows cannot have the same index value. unique index creates using the keyword unique. For example: Simple index: create index myindex on tablefirst(cloumn1); Unique index: create unique index myindex2 on tablesecond(column2);

Mysql Export-databse,tables

Export data into the outfile using select statement. mysql>Select * from tutorials_tbl into OUTFILE ‘/tmp/tutorials.txt’; ‘mysqldump’ is used to copy or back up tables and databases $mysqldump -u root -p TUTORIALS tutorials_tbl>dump.txt password $mysqldump -u root -p TUTORIALS > database_dump.txt password **** $mysqldump -u root -p –all-databases>database_dump.txt password**

MYSQL Injection

Injection usually occurs when you ask a user input,like their name and instead of a name given you a mysql statement that you will unknowingly run on your database. For Examples $name=”mydoubts.in’;Delete from users;”; mysql_query(“Select * from useres where name='{$name}’”); if you use mysql,the mysql_query() function does not permit query stacking,or executing multiple queries in… Read More »


You can control the behavior of transaction by setting the session variable called AUTOCOMMIT. if AUTOCOMMIT is set to 1(the default),then each SQL statment(within a transaction or not) is considered to be a complete transaction and committed by default finishes. When AUTOCOMMIT is set to 0,by issuing the SET AUTOCOMMIT=0 command, the subsequent series of… Read More »

list all sub service settings varible into the ccp screen

usually package will display only one item(First settings variable- subservice field/variable in the package)  into the ccp But we can display all variable into the subservice in ccp. for this use the following steps 1)go to  applications tab. 2)click on the application 3)click on Resource Types tab. 4)select the main resource type created. 5)Click on… Read More »