Word Power

By | September 3, 2020

1. CALL IT A DAY : To stop what you are doing
I m tired. Let’s Call it a day.

2. BRING DOWN THE CURTAIN : To put an end

The accident brought the curtain down on his remarkable sports career

3. TAKE A BREAK :To pause or relax briefly

The meeting is very hectic. let us take a break

4. CATS AND DOGS : Heavy down pour

Its raining cats and dogs

5. ONCE IN A BLUE MOON :Happen very rarely

The Earth Quake hits once in a blue moon in this area

6. APPLE OF MY EYE : Beloved person or a special one

My child is the apple of my eyes

7. BORN YESTERDAY :Ignorant or unintelligent

Do I look like I was born yesterday

8. A DROP IN THE OCEAN :Very small or insignificant

The Government’s pledge to increase employment opportunities is like a drop in the ocean

9. ACTION SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS:Better to do something rather than talking about it

Stop criticizing others, prove your side, action speak louder than words

10. TO ADD FUEL TO THE FIRE: To make a problem worse

Don’t share bitter truth when two are fighting, it will be like adding fuel to the fire

11. THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT: Your turn to make the decision

I have done all that I can do. Now the ball is in your court

12. TO BEND OVER BACKWARDS: to do your maximum to help someone

The teachers are bending over backwards to impart learning to the kids to score high

13. TO BITE OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW:To take a task that is too big

The task that manager has given to the employee is more than he can chew

14. BY THE SKIN OF ONE’S TEETH : To succeed something by a narrow margin

I think I might clear the exam by the skin of my teeth.

15. TO CRY WOLF: to call for help when you don’t need it.

The new employee is always crying wolf.

16.  TO CUT SOMEBODY SOME SLACK: To give someone a break

The manager has to cut some slack for the employee. they are working hard.

17.TO CUT TO THE CHASE: To leave unnecessary details and get to the point

To cut to the chase, I am not comfortable working here

18. TO GET ONE’S HEAD AROUND SOMETHING: To come to understand

I am thinking to spend some time to get my head on the new project

19. TO HEAR ON THE GRAPEVINE: To hear a rumour or unconfirmed story

I heard on the grapevine that  there will be a strike tomorrow

20.IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO: actions or communications that need more than one person

Don’t give that task to him alone, it takes two to tango

21.TO MISS THE BOAT: To miss the opportunities

I think you have missed the boat, the interview has already begun

22.A PIECE OF CAKE: Very easy

Climbing on a tree is a piece of cake for me

23. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER: Calm down and act normally

I think you need to pull yourself together and stop stressing about your illness

24.TO SIT ON THE FENCE: To stay neutral

I am sitting on the fence on this one, I don’t want to hurt the feelings of anyone

25.TO STEP UP ONE’S GAME: To start performing better

If you want promotion, you will need to step up your game

26. TO SELL SOMEONE OUT: Let the secret out

I cant believe that solve me out in front of my family

27.YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE: I have no idea or i don’t know

I am sorry, your guess is as good as mine. we don’t have enough data

28. IT HAS GOT BITS IN IT: Not clear

The presentation has got some bits in it

29.NOT MARRIED TO AN IDEA: Cant spend so much time doing or thinking about something

I am not married to politics


The new textile shop is eating local store’s lunch

31.THE BIRDS AND THE BEES: Sex education

My mother refused to teach me the birds and the bees.

32.TO SMELL A RAT: Suspect wrong doing

You should smell a rat if you get a message from an unknown source claiming that you have won  one billion dollars

33.AT THE ELEVENTH HOUR:At the last moment

I finished my project at the eleventh hour


I feel like having ants in my pants, I have  cleared my exam.

35. TO BEAT THE CLOCK:Finish before the deadline.

I managed to beat the clock and finish my task

36. TO CHICKEN OUT: Scared

He was going to jump out of the mountain, but he chickened out

37. IT IS HIGH TIME: The right time to do something

It is high time to think about nature conservation.

38: TO CLAM UP: To shut mouth.

I asked her where she was yesterday, and she quickly clammed up.

39. TIME FLIES: Time passes quickly

Time flies when i play with my friends

40. TO HOLD ONE’S HORSES: Wait and be patient.

Hold your horses! You cant play now, it is raining cats and dogs

41.THIRD TIME’S A CHARM: You get successful in completing a task in the third attempt

John had failed twice, but hopefully third time’s charm

42.TO BE IN THE DOG HOUSE: In trouble with other person.

I failed in the test and my mom put me in the dog house by refusing to go out.

43.IN THE LONG RUN:Over long period of time.

Studying grammar is hard,but in the long run it will become easy.

44. TO KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE: Get two things done in one go.

If I go to pick my brother and go for shopping, it is like killing two birds with one stone.

45. IN THE NICK OF TIME: At the last moment

I could complete my task in the nick of time (at the eleventh hour).

46. STRAIGHT FROM HORSE’S MOUTH: Hearing from original source

Q:Are you sure of this information?

Ans:  I heard this straight from the horse’s mouth

47. THE SHIP HAS SAILED: To miss an opportunity

I wanted to attend an interview, but I couldn’t reach in time, my ship has sailed

48. IN NEXT TO NO TIME: In almost no time

I reached my class at the eleventh hour, but in next to no time I was asked to leave.

49. BREAK A LEG: Good luck

“My interview is scheduled for tomorrow.”

“Well Break a leg!”


The old man has kicked the bucket.

51. DEAD END JOB: A job that offers no scope for growth

I feel like quitting my  dead end job

52. SITTING PRETTY: In a favorable position

John got a promotion and he is sitting pretty

53. PRETTY AS A PICTURE: Nice,beautiful

Mary is looking pretty as a picture in her wedding gown


My room is not a pretty sight

55.NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE:Attractive and intelligent

Catherine is not just  a pretty face,she is a model and an entrepreneur

56. NOT MY CUP OF TEA:Not interested in/ something that you can’t do

Painting is not my cup of tea

57.TO BEAT AROUND THE BUSH: To avoid talking what is relevant or important

Don’t beat around the bush, if you know the answer, say it fast

58.TO MOVE THE GOAL POST:To change the rules in an unfair way

My manager has moved the goal post, making it hard for me to complete the task

59.AS GOOD AS GOLD:Very nice and well behaved

My child as good as gold


My friend bought a BMW and  I am green with envy

61. TO HAVE GREEN THUMB: To have a great talent for growing plants

I have beautiful garden in my home, my husband really has a green thumb


My friend is green around the gills,so i dropped the party

63. TO GIVE THE GREEN LIGHT: To give permission to start

My parents gave me the green light to start a business

64.TO GO GREEN: To make an Eco-friendly life style

I have decided to go green, and not using plastics

65. SIT TIGHT: A command to sit and wait patiently.

Sit tight, the dinner will be ready in half an hour

66. DO A RUNNER: To leave an unpleasant situation

I have never done a runner in my office

67.ITCHY FEET: Desire to leave or travel

I dont like this place , I have an itchy feet to London

68. PARDON MY FRENCH: Humorus way to apologise for using bad language

Pardon my  French, but I have to speak it out

69. CHEAP AS CHIPS: Very cheap

This shoe is cheap as chips

70.DOWN UNDER: In Australia

It is very hot down under


Dennis is working across the pond.

72. JUMP SHIP: Leave a company or a situation

I m planning  to jump ship from this company

73. LET SOMEONE OFF THE HOOK: Manage to get out of the unpleasant situation.

Even though the police thought that Jack stole the money, they had to let him off the hook as there was no proof against him.

74. ALL EARS: Ready to listen.

I am all ears to your class.

75.IGNORANCE IS A BLISS: Better not to know all facts.

I have stopped reading news of the pandemic. I think ignorance is a bliss now.

76. SO FAR SO GOOD: Satisfaction for something is developing at present

A: How is your new job

B: So far so good

77. JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON: Join in a popular activity

I am weak in computer I think I will have to jump on the bandwagon.

78. PLAY IT BY EAR: To make plans at the moment based on the situation

Let us check the whether and play it by ear to start a trip.

79. GO PEAR SHAPED: To go wrong.

I planned for a live class but it went pear shaped as there was no internet.

80. FOR DONKEY’S YEARS: For a very long time.

I haven’t seen you in donkey’s years.