Uploading the package in the PA server in APS2.0

By | March 17, 2014

There are three server details needed to do this

1.PA server

2.ssh to connect endpoint server

3.ssh to connect PA server.

Step1 : Upload the package into PA server using Services->Applications->import package.

Step2: Connect the Endpoint server using SSH. Upload the package into the endpointserver.

(Note:Upload path-var/ww/html)

Step3: Go to the endpoint server terminal window

From SSH go to #cd /var/www/html
Then run # sh endpoint.sh foldername packagename-1-0.app.zip

In this Step you will get enpoint as http://endpoint.com/foldername

Step4: Go to PA server Click on the package-Go to Instances.

Enter the endpoint created in the previous step to the APplication API end point URI