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Billing period setting to the Resource Rate ?Is it Possible

It is possible to add separate billing period for each resources. Please see the steps below If you have 2 Resource rates as you created as applicaton resource unit. Create Service plan and add subscription periods for example please add 1 month period,1 year period Add the resourcerates inside the Resource Rates tab. After that… Read More »

Realpath in php

Returns the absolute path name. Syntax: string realpath(string $path) realpath() expands all symbolic links and resolbes references to ‘/./’ ,’/../’ and extra ‘/’ characters in the input path and returns the canonical absolute pathname example ——-

Out put of the above as below /test/hello on windows realpath will change unix style paths to windows… Read More »

Like Operator in mysql with Escape Characters

To Address LIKE quandary, a custome escaping mechanism must convert user-supplied % and _ characters to literals.Use addcslashes(), a function the let’s you specify a character range tot escape For Examples $mydoubts=addcslashes(mysql_real_escape_string(“%something_”),”%_”); //$mydoubts=\%something\_ mysql_query(“SELECT * From messages where subject LIKE ‘{$mydoubts}%’”);