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Creating Action button in APS package

We can create our own button in customer control panel using the class action. This button also like ‘Upgrade’,’Uninstall’ buttons. Follow the below steps to create action button —————————————————- In Eclipse go to Entry Points Tab 1. Label -> NewUpdateButton 2. Description-> Keep it as blank (optiional) 3. Destination-> Keep it as blank (optional) 4.… Read More »

Application configuration script reported errors: ‘env: php: No such file or directory ‘ why showing this error in APS package?

This error is usualy show while clicking on the create button in the Customer control panel (CCP). This is because of PHP/Apche attribute is missing in the Resource type/Provisioning attributes tab. If PHP Attributes is not available in the provisioning attributes tab, Use the following steps to make it available. Please follow the below Steps… Read More »

Application Resource units created in the package showing same value after installation irrespective to the plan purchased from store. Why this how to solve?

Please see the example below. i will explain one situation it will happen Suppose i have 3 resource units Resource-one | Resource-two | here if you give ID as “users” for all the three Resource-three | IN PBA create 3 service plan and add resource rates value as different like 4,5,6.see below Resource-one-SP | resource… Read More »