json writer adding extra slash to the serialized file

if you are getting the serialize result with extra slash like below {“uploaded_path”:”C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\myproject\\public\\assets\\uploads\\myimages This issue normaly occurs when missed the json_decode function in the code For example Refer the below lines of code $upload_data = array(‘uploaded_path’ => $destinationPath); $jsonformat=serialize(json_encode($upload_data)); print_r($jsonformat); // this will output as, {“uploaded_path”:”C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\myproject\\public\\assets\\uploads\\myimages To remove the double slashes you can use theā€¦ Read More »

How to Retrieve all input data in laravel

Retrieve all input data as an array using the following method $input = $request->all(); 28.Directory structure in laravel 1.Root directory 2.App directory Root directory contains the below directories. app,bootstrap,config,database,public,resources,routes,storage,test,vendor App directory contains the below directories Broadcasting,Console,events,Exceptions,Http,Jobs,Listeners,Mail,Notifications,Policies,Providers,Rules Click here for more interview questions

Retrieving Uploaded Files in laravel

Access the uploaded file using Illuminate\Http\Request instance. $file=$request->file(‘photo’) //File method $file=$request->photo; //dynamic properties here file method returns an instance of the Illuminate\Http\UploadedFile class, which extends the PHP SplFileInfo A File is present on the request using has method if ($request->hasFile(‘photo’)) { // } Click here for more interview questions