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Some Usefull link in this Application will redirect your mind to a new techical world


Some Usefull link in this Application will redirect your mind to a new techical world. Blog link will redirect to a thousands of technical information and your doubts clarification,mainly in the coding section for PHP/Mysql,APS 1.0,APS 2.0,Linux Shell Scripting.

Technical Solutions with Examples

This website provides some usefull information to the valuable visitors.It provides the technical solutions to the beginers.It focus on the PHP/Mysql scripting,APS Package development solutions.This website provides a huge collection of script,and demo of some sample web application. We have Tutorials and and knowledge base articles,Various comments from Technical talents that will guide you through preparation,and brush up your knowledge. This website showing a Blog link this page contains a huge collection of technical things.It focus on APS package development in 1.2,2.0.Also the Blog contains sample code in PHP and some sample scripts,demo of some applications using php. Blog will also explains technical tutorials for Linux shell scripting,MYsql etc. Aim of this website is just transfering the knowledge to others. Content of this website is not copied from anyother website or learning materials,whatever the information/knowledge i m getting while doing coding and in the development are just displaying into the site.

Sorting column in a grid using codeigniter and jquery

How to sort a grid list using jquery and codeigniter with demo and complete script.


This sortting is done using codeigniter,jquery.We can change the listing of columns in a grid using mouse click,one database table contains the employee details this employee details are listing in a view page.If you drag the column name then the listing will be change in the grid column for more details go through the demo and script link.

Populating a dropdown using another dropdown box.

Loading a dropdown box based on the another dropdown selection


This is a simple script for loading a dropdown based on the changes in the another dropdown.If you select country dropdown,it will load the content in the state dropdown.It contains two database table country,state. Codeigniter and jquery will doing the automatic loading of dropdown.for more information please go through the link to see the demo and code.