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Simple Example for Datatable display

Simple Example for Datatable display. If the html button not displaying in the view page use the escapeColumns([‘id’]) function return Datatables::of($result)->escapeColumns([‘id’])->make(true); Javascript File test.js

Php Files

view File mypage.php

Redirect to a url when the video playing ends using html5

update a div element value with text box value using jquery.

Domain name validation using jquery

Please see the below code for the domain name validation using jquery

Domain name validation using javascript

Following are the code for domain name validation.

Getting the following error while import sql file in phpmyadmin.

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 998506496) (tried to allocate 496760462 bytes)phpMyAdmin\libraries\import.lib.php on line 373 Step1:Copy the .sql file into the xammp folder in the below path xampp/mysql/bin Step2:create a database called testdatabase in phpmyadmin step3: Execute the below command through command prompt C:\xampp\mysql\bin>mysql -u root -D testdatabase < db_dump_db.sql

Check an Element exists in an array using javascript

Remove Comma from string that is created using Implode in php

Following code will explain how to remove the comma inside a string