Jquery Click event firing Multiple times/On change event happens more than twice

Below Ajax code executing more than once in a single change event.Here if i m trying to upload the file in the ajax call server side script is executing more than once

Soultion: change the click action with bind option as below

Dynamicallay generated Checkbox validation using jquery

Laravel blade

Jquery code

Ajax based File upload using Form data not working in laravel

Below is my ajax code to upload the file

Please add the below code to work the fileupload proper

if the issue still exists add the following extra things in the ajax call

Dynamically generated content in the web page contains an onclick action not working

please see the code below link is generated via ajax call based on one dropdown selection

file download code looks like as below

The above code is not firing the download action Solution: change the first line of code-instead of click add on action

json writer adding extra slash to the serialized file

if you are getting the serialize result with extra slash like below {“uploaded_path”:”C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\myproject\\public\\assets\\uploads\\myimages This issue normaly occurs when missed the json_decode function in the code For example Refer the below lines of code $upload_data = array(‘uploaded_path’ => $destinationPath); $jsonformat=serialize(json_encode($upload_data)); print_r($jsonformat); // this will output as, {“uploaded_path”:”C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\myproject\\public\\assets\\uploads\\myimages To remove the double slashes you can use theā€¦ Read More »

How to Retrieve all input data in laravel

Retrieve all input data as an array using the following method $input = $request->all(); 28.Directory structure in laravel 1.Root directory 2.App directory Root directory contains the below directories. app,bootstrap,config,database,public,resources,routes,storage,test,vendor App directory contains the below directories Broadcasting,Console,events,Exceptions,Http,Jobs,Listeners,Mail,Notifications,Policies,Providers,Rules Click here for more interview questions