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remember_token in laravel

its field in the user table(or tables used for login purpose) it stores a string in this column For implementing remember me feature,you need to pass boolean value as the second parameter if (Auth::attempt([’email’ => $email, ‘password’ => $password], $remember)) { } This feature will keep the user aunthenticated undefinitely or untill they manually log… Read More »

What is Service provider in laravel?

Service provider will bootstrap all of the framework component such as database,queue,validation,routing components All of the service providers are configured in the config/app.php provider array. register() and boot() method will be called on all service providers,after this request will dispatch to route and controller Default service providers are stored in the app/Providers folder Click here… Read More »

What is Kernel in laravel?

Click here for more interview questions Two types of kernel available in laravel, Http kernel- app/http/kernel.php Console kernel- console/kernel.php Kernel defines the list of midddleware and middleware will handle session,aunthentication,verifycsrftoken etc. Kernel extends base class- Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Kernel it defines bootstrappers .Thesse bootstrapers configure error handling,logging,detecting application environment Click here for more interview questions

What is Middleware in laravel?

Click here for more interview questions Middleware acts as bridge between request and response. Middleware verifies the user is authenticated or not depends on this it is redirect to home and login page. command to create middleware php artisan make:middleware Two types of middleware in laravel global middleware- run on every http request routemiddleware-assigned to… Read More »