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Steps to access remote desktop-chrome RDP- chrome remote desktop

Steps: Install Google Chrome Login to new Google Account username: myusername password: mypassword Download Chrome RDP… After download install chrome launcher Click on Chrome Remote Desktop Should bring up interface with Remote Assistance and My Computers Click on the My Computers Get Started You should see the systemname u want to share Click on… Read More »

Steps to create a diagram in word format to jpeg image in Gimp?

use the following steps 1.First create diagram in office tool like libreoffice. it as with extension odt. 3.Export this file as pdf(File-export as pdf). the particular file in GIMP. 5.Select the image using crop tools(Tools-selection tools-Rectangualr select). on image tab-crop to selection button. 7.Finaly clik on the export button in the File… Read More »

Teachers Day

Teachers play a vital role in shaping the thoughts and future of students, just like a parent. It is said that school is the second home and teachers our step parents. Hence they are honored, being a model of knowledge, morality and virtues. To pay respect to such great masters of virtue, our society has… Read More »

Gone are the days…

Gone are the days when I were cared and lulled Gone are the days when I laughed and cried with my pal Gone is my innocence Gone is my simplicity Where shall I search? Whom do I ask? Searched and searched day and night Days and months passed by Atlast I found my good- old… Read More »

Ode to the broken heart

Every thing is more intense when we taste for the first Intense was my love for you Passion engulfed all the time day and night I could spell just one name Touch of yours Soaked my heart in utmost love Jingle bells and fragrance so sweet Moved me up to the world so enduring Days… Read More »

Mobile phone

Oh my mobile phone, I love you a lot Day and night I stuck to you Text and call has made me alert Tip of my finger runs so fast to pass the message to nook and corner. Sorry my dear filler and ink You are no more my friend. Beep of my phone boost… Read More »