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Uploading the package in the PA server in APS2.0

There are three server details needed to do this 1.PA server 2.ssh to connect endpoint server 3.ssh to connect PA server. Step1 : Upload the package into PA server using Services->Applications->import package. Step2: Connect the Endpoint server using SSH. Upload the package into the endpointserver. (Note:Upload path-var/ww/html) Step3: Go to the endpoint server terminal window… Read More »

How to build and validate a package in APS2.0

IF the Eclipse2.0 environment not supporting the Package Build and validation then use the following method. 1)Install the APStools on your machine. 2)Go to Command Prompt using Run-cmd command. 3)cd C:\Program Files (x86)\\APSTools 4)C:\Program Files (x86)\\APSTools>apsbuild D:\workspace\Helloworld 5)C:\Program Files (x86)\\APSTools>apslint -v D:\workspace\Helloworld-1- note:here D:\workspace is the path of your eclipse.After building the package the… Read More »